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Our services are priced to cater to Automobile Dealerships and other companies looking to succeed in their marketing campaigns. We establish strong relationships with our customers so that we may provide the highest-quality service.

We help eliminate the worry associated with coming up with a successful promotion or drawing traffic to your business. Once we have an idea, we are quick to put it into motion. We can turn your project around in 48 hours (print, postage, processing, and mail.) Most important, we never suggest a mail piece that is not proven to make a profit. Failure is not an option!

why choose jnj

1. Thanks to email, now the mailboxes are just a little lighter. Direct Mail Marketing has moved forward because the mail boxes are with less mail due to cost

2. Our prices are affordable. We own our own buildings, facilities and presses. We buy our paper and envelopes at extremely high quantities. Direct mail can be done for as little as 29 cents, depending on what the buyer wants. Picture us as the Wal-Mart of direct mail...we buy in volume and sell in the same.

3. We don't rely on any outside sources except a listing company and the US Post Office, therefore our turnaround time for your project is 48 hours (print, postage, processing and mail).

4. We have a collection of proven promotions, both year round and seasonal, which even includes the "Sale In The Box," which contains all the window signage, rearview mirror hangtags and showroom signage. It's all inclusive! No hidden charges!

5. JNJ NEVER suggests a direct marketing piece that is not proven to make a successful impact. Our ideas and pieces have proven to be successful, so that's what we stick to. We won't "test the market" with your marketing project. We will always use the best to bring your company success.

6. Failure is not an option!

With our work comes research and effort. Our marketing techniques zero in on your prime prospects — people who are interested in your message and are ready for action. Our services include analyzing your audiences' demographic and their traits — to help you reach the people who want to hear your message. After all, the key to successful marketing isn't to make an impact to the most's making an impact to the RIGHT people

We’re eager to show you what we can do for you. If you're convinced that we are your perfect solution to carry out a successful marketing campaign, please contact us directly for more information. Call us today at 1 (800) 322-5639 and let us go to work for you!