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We can now take your customer list, 300 or 30,000 and do special "Buyback Notices," Customer Letter, Service Reminders.

With our work comes research and effort. Our marketing techniques zero in on your prime prospects — people who are interested in your message and are ready for action. Our services include analyzing your audiences' demographic and their traits — to help you reach the people who want to hear your message. After all, the key to successful marketing isn't to make an impact to the most's making an impact to the RIGHT people.

Sell a prospect once, your advertising worked. Sell them twice, that's your customer! Keep an offer, a buyback on his trade, a "Customer Only Sale", a service reminder, using his name and trade in information through the copy, with a full color letter or postcard. If his salesman has quit, assign him a new sales person, using a postcard and a phone call. We do not care how many!! 300 or 300,000!!!


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